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I teach English at many levels. From primary school English, to English as a Second Language, GCSE English Language and Functional Skills English for adults.

It’s always about resources. Resources, resources, resources.

The Hummingbird Story as classroom resource.
Click for class activity ideas, writing suggestions, comprehension worksheets.

Over the years I’ve developed a technique that I call…

Write Along.

Below is a Write Along session I did online, live, with Ann Worme (Caribbean Freedom Fighters), for Caribbean children 8 – 12 years old.
In the session, I am the storyteller, but the children are the writers, creating their own stories.

You can try it yourself. Watch the video and Write Along. What story can you come up with?

Click here to enjoy the exciting and splendid range of stories the children produced.

They deserve to be published as a book of short stories to inspire and entertain other children. Where are the publishers?

If you would like to lead others in a Write Along, you can check out the session I did for Caribbean teachers at the ‘Workshop For Reluctant Writers’ on April 14.