Journey as the Wire Bend up River where the Story End

The novel is original work by Lisa Levi.  Published in 2000 with Bogle L’ouverture Press in London.  The illustrations were drawn by Mvanwy Evans.

‘It’s very awesome-tastic!’ Amma Worme (10 years old)

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4 Star Rating – The Nature of Cities

About the journey –  Bigga, Percy and Annabelle get caught up in an adventure that takes them on a journey up river to rescue Papa Bwa (the father of the forest), defeat Lagahoo (the shape-shifter), and bring ‘Story End’.

Along the way they encounter Mama Glo (the mother of the river), Ananse (the trickster spider-man), Dwens (the lost souls of dead children) and other Caribbean folk characters. They hear folktales and ‘bush’ songs and learn to appreciate, respect and understand the forest and its spirit dwellers.

Audio recordings of the tales told within the novel:

How Ananse beat Mongoose and Snake The Hummingbird storySelo and the Dwens and The Legend of Papa Bwa.  
The music was composed and performed by Alex Thomas and Paul ‘Kojak’ Joseph.

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Journey as the Wire Bend up River where the Story End

228 page novel, Author: Lisa Levi, Illustrations, Myvanwy, Published by Bogle L’ouverture Press


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