The first Journey

The first novel I wrote was for my children.

Within the novel are five short tales. My idea was for the short stories to be read to younger children, while more able readers would read the novel for themselves.

Brian Richardson tells
How Ananse Beat Mongoose and Snake (2022, taken from the novel)

Click on a link below. You can read the short tales
and listen to the musical audio.

Journey as the Wire Bend, Up River where the Story End‘, follows Bigga, Annabelle and Percy, as they journey up-river in an attempt to save Papa Bwa from the evil shapeshifter, Lagahoo. On the way they meet other Caribbean folklore characters: Mama Glo, Dwens and of course Ananse.

Published by Bogle L’Overture Press.

Journey as the Wire Bend; Up River where the Story End

Illustrations by Myvanwy Evans.

Available to buy.

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