About River Stories

lisa levi


…to the bend in the river, where Caribbean folklore collects in a pool teaming with crawfish and wabeen, and fallen bamboos balance on the mossy rocks.

I am Lisa Levi, author of River Stories. I was born and raised in Trinidad, from Dominican and Grenadian parentage and I started River Stories because of my interest in Caribbean folklore and my love of folktales.

For me, the folklore of the Caribbean, like the folklore of any peoples, reflects the true Caribbean, the unique spirit and truth of Caribbean people wherever they live.

Join me and explore the spirit and truth of Papa Bwa, Mama Glo, La Jabless, Dwens and all the other folk.

Find out more about Caribbean Folklore

Listen and read along to my children’s stories

Listen to the audio story   This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pg-symbol.png   Neville: Bushman

I hope you enjoy.

New Content
Without money the artist starves.

Or buy my novel £10.00

Journey As the Wire Bend Up River Where the Story End

228 page novel for children and adults. Published by Bogle L’Overture Press, London, 2000. Artwork: Myvanwy Evans. Author: Lisa Levi.


Contact: lisalevi@river-stories.com

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