Stories and lyrix
written by
Lisa Levi,
X-pressing Caribbean folklore
With audio and video productions by L.A.B.


A musical for children with a lot of Caribbean folklore and a little of Dominican heritage.

A folkloric take on the knife crime epidemic blighting London’s inner cities.

The final instalment in The Shadows trilogy.
An urban legend. A love story.
Birdie and Sy.
Together they must try to end the Drybone Man, stop him from collecting souls and bones on the London streets. But first they must accept each other and the legacy of who they are really.


An Urban Legend is born.

Part II of The Shadows Know.
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The Shadows Suite uses the rhythms of UK Drill music and the metal of rock guitar to tell the tale of the Drybone Man.

The Shadows Know

An urban, Caribbean, Rock folktale.

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My Soucouyah and Me

Do not read!
This short story is not for the fainthearted.
It uses the idea of the Soucouyah (the caribbean folklore vampire )
to look at the sometimes toxic relationships women have with each other.


The origin story of a soucouyah, that speaks of the history of the Caribbean:
slavery, rebellion, change, superstition.
read Sasa here.

Watch the full video storytelling by Brian Richardson here.

Dansé La Jabless, Dansé

The dance of the La Jabless happens late at night.
But what seems beautiful in the moonlight,
might be otherwise.

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Neville lives in the Trinidad bush, a hermit, haunted by his past.
BUSHMAN is a novella that asks the question,
‘how a man end up so, living in the bush alone with the animals and bush spirits?’
Listen as Brian Richardson, brings Neville’s torment to life here.

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