River-Stories is a repository of writings by me, Lisa Levi, and experimental creative sound works by LAB productions.

I started River-Stories because of my interest in Caribbean folklore and my love of stories, literature and folktales. I am a migratory Trinidadian, from Dominican and Grenadian parentage, living in the UK.


…to the bend in the river, where Caribbean folklore collects in a pool teaming with crawfish and wabeen, and fallen bamboos balance on the mossy rocks.

For me, the folklore of the Caribbean, like the folklore of any peoples, reflects the true Caribbean, the unique spirit and truth of Caribbean people wherever they live.

Join me as I explore the spirit and truth of the Caribbean through tales and stories and music.

by Zeb @ zebtattoos

At River-Stories you can find out more about Caribbean Folklore

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Contact: lisalevi@river-stories.com

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  1. Hi Mrs. Thomas I was in writer’s block this morning on zoom so just wanted to say thank you very much for taking the time out to come and talk to us about writing a folklore

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