IN THE BUSH: flora and fauna of the River-Stories

The plants and animals of the Caribbean feature in many of my stories. I’ve made a collection of some of the plants mentioned and the birds and animals (with their individual calls).

However, it is impossible for me to talk flora without introducing you to the Obeah Bio-chemist himself, Dr. Anthony Richards, PhD.

Bush Medicine – Herbal remedies and Dr Anthony Richards

In my story, Sasa, to ward against a soucouyah, Alize makes a remedy of lanewah and indigo blue, a herbal remedy I found in a paper written in the late 1800s. Dr Richards could not only identify the ingredients mentioned but also their individual uses and effectiveness. He is a walking encyclopaedia on Caribbean flora and the history of herbal medicines. A bio-chemist who has worked and studied in the UK and across the Caribbean, he is also a folklorist who traces Caribbean medicinal traditions to their African origins, and advocates for the recognition of these herbal remedies as culturally and medicinally significant.


In BUSHMAN many plants, animals and birds of the Caribbean are mentioned. Below is a look at some of these plants and animals.

Crested Oropendola.

Green Parrot
Palm Tanager
Blue Tanager
Caribbean Mockingbird