Write Along Stories

I put on my teacher’s hat this Spring-break/Easter holiday (2021), and joined Caribbean Freedom Fighters, aka Ann Worme, on a creative writing course for children 8 – 12 years old. The young people were mainly from the Caribbean and I was honoured to help out, running a Write Along Story session that got the young people to write their own stories, through a technique of storytelling, story prompts and questions.

I used the bones of Aesop’s fable ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ as structure. Click below to view the PowerPoint presentation I used.
NB: I don’t let the children know what story I am using.

It was like scattering seeds on fertile soil and watching the shoots appear, grow and blossom.

Below is just some of the phenomenal work they produced. Listen to them all and be amazed.

Amma Small, in Barbados. Ananse and the Reverse Uno Card

Adriel in Jamaica. The Trickster

Khyce Belgrave in Barbados. A Lesson Learned Due to a Terrible Accident

Nasia Pierre in Grenada. The Naughty Boy

Keva Thompson in Jamaica. The Naughty Little Boy

Kenyon in Grenada. The Naughty Boy

Breona Patterson in St. Vincent. Peter The Trickster

Taylor Balgrove in Barbados. The Naughty Boy

Amenti Felix in Grenada. Elija Learned a Lesson

David in Grenada. The Naughty Boy

Adrion in Jamaica. The Prankster

Denzil in Grenada. The Naughty Boy

Faith James in Grenada. The Naughty Boy

Davio from Jamaica. Trickster Jackson

Avalene from Jamaica. The Trickster

Congratulations to all the budding writers. Now where are all the publishers?