Tamboo Bamboo

Storytime October 2020.


Taken from Bushman the novella
Chapter 11 – ‘Fire Fire in y’Wire Wire.

Well, long time, people say 
Spirit and duppy will take you away
Don’t doubt me,
Long-time people say
Jabless and lagahoo make you stray 
Catch you in the dark on a full moon night, 
Take you spirit or take you life
So careful how you go 
Or devil eat your soul
And you never going back home 

Singing, manje, devowe, zot zye, et zot lam-e

Have all kinda bush folk
The mother of the river call Mama Glo 
Believe me,
Have Papa Bwa too
Living in the bush with the Lagahoo
Have Dwens with they backward foot 
And Moko jumbie waiting on the road
Under the Silk Cotton tree
Lose you soul if you sleep
So careful of who you meet.

Singing, manje, devowe, sot zye, et sot lam-e

Black bee bringing news
A jumbie bird call, mean a body dead soon
Bad luck
To play with shadows
And maljeaux always follow cock crow. 
Throw down salt to stop soucouyah
At night, enter y’house walking backward
Cause you never know 
If jumbie trail you home
And don’t take money from the road

Singing, manje, devowe, man zot zye, zot lam-e