An Ananse Write Along Story

In November 2021, I did another Write Along session with Anne Worme (Caribbean Storytime) and children from the Caribbean and the Caribbean diaspora. This time I used aesop’s ‘The Fox and the Crow’ as the bones for the story, but the children were introduced to it as an Ananse story.

No footage of me this time, but click the link for the PowerPoint I used.
NB: I don’t let the children know what story I am using.

I also wanted to introduce the children to writing songs in their stories. The link below is the PowerPoint I used for the kids to add a song to their stories.

Below are just a few of the stories produced from the Write Along.

Anansi and the Hot Mac by Tahlia Belfon of Grenada

Ananse and the Shopkeeper

Ananse and The Reverse Uno Card by Ama Small of Barbados

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