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The Hummingbird Story.



The Hummingbird Story

Use Hummingbird Story as class resource.


1. Class discussion: possible THEMES – Loyalty and Betrayal/Greed and Envy/Consequences
Define themes
Discuss themes:
What is…?
Do you consider yourself loyal?
Have you ever betrayed anyone?
What are positive and negative personal traits?

2. Read/Listen – discussion – text has female protagonist, audio has male protagonist
3. Complete Qs – Qs could work as a class discussion. (This is an entry level worksheet, but below are word doc downloads of Q ideas for higher level learners.)

4. Make a picture/diorama/animation/cartoon/short film/stop motion/… of a moment of significance in the story. (imagery, plot, language)

5. Write a poem:

about favourite place

Poem of dog/cat onomatopoeic words