NEVILLE: Bushman is adapted from the novella Bushman (2020).
Bushman tells the story of how one man came to live in the Trinidad forest,
alone with the animals and bush spirits.

Parental Guidance
is advised

Episode 1: The Brown Girl in the Ring

Episode 2: Sweet Rosemary

Episode 3: Limbo Time

Episode 4: Ruby Rain Rain

Episode 5: Abo Mama

Episode 6: What the Wind Say?

A listen in the dark episode.

The Epilogue

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A LAB production
Writer: Lisa Levi
Performance: Brian Richardson
Director: Alex Thomas
Sound/video Recording: Brian Richardson
Sound/video Production: Lisa Levi
Special Effects: Alex Thomas.

NEVILLE:BUSHMAN is available for touring. Contact:

Brian Richardson
Actor/Editor/Sound Technician

Brian Richardson began acting in Trinidad. He joined All Theatre Productions with their original work, SNO KONE AND THE SEVEN DOUENS, and went on to become a founding member of THE TRINIDAD TENT THEATRE, performing and staring in JOUVERT, GO TO HELL, BENT among others. In the USA Brian worked with PULSE ENSEMBLE THEATRE performing MACBETH, NIGHT MUST FALL, and TWELFTH NIGHT. He toured the US, the UK and the Netherlands with his original solo show, W. E. B. Du BOIS: A MAN FOR ALL TIMES .

Read the full story. BUSHMAN

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