Untitled – a found story

Untitled is a story that speaks of disconnection, displacement and dissonance.

In May, Anne Worme (Caribbean Freedom Fighters Producer) was inspired to do a Storytime session on Zoom with the theme of Migration. I have taken part in many of Anne’s Caribbean Storytime sessions over lockdown, but I couldn’t think of anything I had written that fit the theme, until, buried amongst some old, yellowing, typewritten pages, Alex found this. Getting Brian to read/perform the piece was our stroke of genius. He captures the psychic discordance that occurs when you uproot yourself from your place of birth, your land of origin, and plant yourself in a different place, a different time, a different space.


Performed by Brian Richardson
Sound and music, Alex Thomas
Edited by Lisa Levi
A LAB production (2021)

The text for the story is here, unchanged from when it was first written.