References and Readings

While writing BUSHMAN I did a lot of reading and research. The internet was a great resource and I found so many things that I hadn’t known about Trinidad and Tobago, and Caribbean history. If you’re interested, here are some of the most useful essays, articles and websites I found, and some of the information I used.

Bush Medicine

General References

The Trinidad and Tobago Nature Link – The Tale of two Forests

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The Banyan Archive,

Ricardo Meade, Founder and director El Socoro Centre for Wildlife Conservation, (find him on YouTube)

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Interview with the Mighty Sparrow, the Roaring Lion and the Lord Kitchener.

Roaring Lion, Biog,

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Song References:

Gerald Clark & His Orchestra with Growling Tiger, Neville Marcano – Yaraba Shango,

The Mighty Sparrow, Slinger Fransico – Mr Walker,

Lord Kitchener, Aldwyn Roberts – Love in the Cemetery.
Lord Funny, Donric Williamson – Farmer Brown
The Roaring Lion, Raphael DeLeon – Jouvert Barrio
Duke of Iron, Cecil Anderson, The Lost Watch
Dance the Bele
Trinidad Bèlè Songwriter- Carlton “Papa George” Mathews

* Yellow bird

Folk songs:

* Brown skin girl – Lord Invader

* Brown Girl in the Ring –

* Johnny Grotto

Animals and Birds mentioned in BUSHMAN.

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