An origin tale of the Soucouyah

The feedback has been outstanding!
Thank you all.

Thank You!!

To our speakers on the night.
Sonja Dumas, Dr. Anthony Richards, Rawle Gibbons, Andrew Millington, Dr. Amina Blackwood Meeks

Dr. Amina Blackwood Meeks
Dr. Anthony Richards
Sonja Dumas
Adrian Green
Rawle Gibbons
Andrew Millington

Our resident artist Zeb Thomas produced an original work on the night.

Thank you also to…

Caribbean Freedom Fighters / Caribbean Folklore Storytime for producing the event

Sonja Dumas and The Little Carib Theatre for their support.

Lesley-Ann Wells
for demanding the film be seen by many.

In case you wondered. L.A.B. productions is me, Lisa Levi, Alex Thomas, and Brian Richardson.