‘Something is happening.’

Gang Gang Sara is the sea breeze
Gang Gang Sara ride the wind
Gang Gang Sara is the whisper
The whisper on Golden Lane

Wednesday, 03 December, 2020, the more than 300 year old Silk Cotton tree from which Gang Gang Sara tried to fly home to Africa, died.

Silk Cotton tree on Golden Lane no more.

“We heard this long crack, crack, crack, crack, crack. And when we look out, the tree was on the ground. And when we look down by the roots, it came out from the roots.’ Lovern Stewart-Charles (Local of Golden Lane)

Back in August, at ‘The Sacred Silk-Cotton Tree’ I read of Gang Gang Sara for the first time.

Now I hear a crack
A calling from the past?
Crack crack
Spirits set free at last?
Crick, crack
Folktale growing from the grass
Crack, crack, crack
Sara flying home and fast

‘Doh do me nothing or I go down by de silk cotton tree for yuh.’
And a man dancing in fire and putting cigarette in crapaud mouth
And tell crapaud, ‘don’t you move’.
And crapaud stay.
And crapaud stay.
Until that day.