X-pressionist Art

You can take the girl out of the Caribbean, but you can’t take the Caribbean out of the girl.

Alison Wells is a Black Expressionist artist from Trinidad who lives and works in New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States.  View her art, support her work at:


The spirit of the caribbean is alive and well in the diaspora.

Myvanwy is a London based artist of Jamaican. She did all the artwork for my novel Journey as the Wire Bend up River where the Story End.

ZEB is a London based artist and tattoo artist of Trinidadian descent. Check out his amazing freehand, bespoke tattoos at Zebtatoos on Instagram. Below is his Taino version of Papa Bwa.

Mandi-Mando. I am bush Ananse. You not as smart as me. ZEBtattos
Battimamzelle (dragonfly) Fact: Battimamzelles eat mosquito lavae.

Black X-pressionist art.

Water and Time.